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We have an incredible team of diverse, multi-disciplinary experts across consumer electronics, artificial intelligence, product, design, sensors, aging and healthcare.

Brad is the Cofounder and COO of Koko. Previously at Facebook and Google Nest, Brad is a self-described "Concerned Grandson" on a mission to improve the lives of older adults worldwide. He has degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT.

Brad Eckert

COO, Co-founder

As CEO, Saurabh navigates Koko's transition from developing cutting edge technology to launching efficacious digital health tools. He has led Apple and Amazon engineering teams and co-founded Wonder Workshop, educational robots for millions worldwide.

Saurabh Gupta


Rosaria is Koko's Chief Product Officer. She spent the last decade bringing design thinking to startups. Her prior roles include Design Lead, IDEO and VP Product, Blue Apron. She has an MBA from Stanford and BA, Economics from University of Chicago.

Rosaria Mannino


Jean Kim, Ph.D. is the Clinical Innovation Lead at Koko and former staff psychologist at the VA. She is a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in treating insomnia and technology-based interventions to improve care for diverse populations.

Jean Kim

Clinical Innovation Lead

Marcie is the VP of Consumer at Koko, aligning both product and marketing to meet the needs of older adults. Her decade-long career in Agetech includes serving as the Head of Marketing for True Link Financial and founding She holds an MBA and BAs in Economics and Communications from UPenn.

Marcie Rogo

VP of Consumer

Luca is the VP of AI at Koko and a former Director of Engineering at Panasonic. He believes in leveraging machine learning and AI to positively impact human life. "I use my humanity as the glue. I love what I do, I will never retire!"

Luca Rigazio

Machine Learning

Jens serves as the VP of Software for Koko. As a startup veteran, Jens has a long track record of building products and leading teams in diverse segments including automotive, wellness, entertainment, and enterprise.

Jens Faenger


As Koko's Director of Hardware Engineering, George uses his decades of early stage startup experience to turn product development dreams into reality. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois.

George Zintak


Itay is the Head of Perception at Koko. He has been developing and building AI-powered perception for everyday items and autonomous vehicles for over ten years. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.

Itay Cnaan-On, PhD


Rimma is a frontend software engineer for Koko. She enjoys using her skills to develop new technology that will have a huge impact on so many.

Rimma Akhmedyanova

Frontend Engineer

Alex is a software engineer at Koko. She is passionate about using technology to improve healthcare outcomes and loves working toward making a social impact. She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Alex Beraut

Frontend Engineer

Angelica is a machine learning engineer focusing on sound analysis at Koko. With a MS in Data Analytics and previous experience as software engineer, she enjoys building AI powered systems that can help improve quality of life.

Angelica Cruz

Machine Learning

Santosh is a perception engineer specializing in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Previously, he developed vision-based algorithms for autonomous vehicles. He holds a Master’s in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Northeastern University.

Santosh Talakanti


Usman is a machine learning intern with research interests in radar, machine learning, and sensing. He is a PhD candidate at North Carolina State University.

Usman Mahmood Khan

Machine Learning

Akihiko is the Senior Product Research Lead at Koko. He is a design thinking expert with a background in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering. Formerly, he lead the design teams at Panasonic and Tata Consultancy Services.

Akihiko Sugiura


As a Product Manager at Koko, Eben leads the effort in reinforcing healthy habits and behaviors by combining hardware and software. He was an engineer at Bloomberg and the MIT Media Lab and holds a BS in Mathematics with Computer Science from MIT.

Eben Bitonte


Machine Learning Engineer. Data Cleaner. Radar Whisperer.

Sheen Kao

Machine Learning

Patrick is a member of the Koko design team, having first joined as an operations manager in 2018. Before Koko, he worked in recruiting and operations at Google Nest. Originally from Arizona, Patrick enjoys brewing beer and playing chess.

Patrick Fennie


Lucy works in deployment operations for Koko, ensuring that prototype trials run smoothly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously, she worked in quality assurance and was an assembly technician at Intuitive Surgical.

Lucy Kim


Michael is a software engineer focusing on data collection at Koko.  He has a BA in computer engineering from CSUB and is currently pursuing a Master's at CSULB.

Michael Vela


With a background in computer vision, Gabrielle is a machine learning and software engineer at Koko who is very passionate about using technology to improve quality of life. When not coding, you can find him hiking in the woods.

Gabriele Venturelli

Machine Learning

Thorsten is the Director of Engineering for web and mobile at Koko. In addition to extensive startup experience, he has held leadership roles developing products at Bosch, Barnes & Noble, and Yahoo. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Thorsten Kuehnemund


Sharice is a Customer Success Manager at Koko. With over ten years of experience working with the aging population, she continues to improve quality of life for older adults. Sharice has a BA in Sociology and is pursuing a Masters in Social Work.

Sharice Ramirez

Care Companion

Kelly is the Office Experience Manager for Koko, bringing over 8 years of administrative business partnership to the team. Previously at Nest labs, she thrives in the highspeed thrill of startups and loves contributing to a positive working culture.

Kelly Boffinger

Office Manager

Ali is a Perception Engineer at Koko who specializes in signal processing and algorithms, working on machine learning-based algorithms in the object tracking domain. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Rutgers University.

Ali Rostami


Merav is an Embedded Software Engineer at Koko with over five years of IoT development at Essence Group and Intel. She prides herself in solving tangible problems through understanding the bigger picture and holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering.

Merav Yeshurun


Pablo joined Koko as a software engineer after years at Hitachi. Interested in all things embedded systems,  he holds degrees in electrical and computer engineering and a Masters in electrical engineering focused in IoT device development.

Pablo Quevedo

Embedded Software Engineer

Robin is a project operations manager at Koko, streamlining parallel processes to ensure that production is as efficient as possible. With a background in education, Robin excels in systematic thinking and analytic problem solving.

Robin Boynton

Project Manager

Mike writes embedded software for the engineering team at Koko. He helped launch the iPod Nano, Apple Watch, and Wonder Workshop's educational robots for kids. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Mike Schmidt


Indushekhar is a Perception Engineer at KoKo specializing in computer vision, machine learning, and sensor algorithms. He also worked at Oculii developing AI software for radar and has a Master's in Robotics from the Univ of Maryland, College Park.

Indushekhar Singh


With a robust background in marketing and education, Katharina manages both social media and community for Koko. She has a BA in Business Administration, an MS in marketing, and a teaching certificate.

Katharina Ruland

Marketing & Community

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